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As a small business owner or a large company, it is imperative to prevent liability by ensuring you understand your legal obligations as an employer. From drafting thorough company policies that complying with labor laws, to mediating employee disputes, having a strong legal counselor experienced in the area of employment law should be on every business team.

Many terms and rules of employment are regulated by state and federal laws. It is important that you consult with an employment attorney to ensure your policies and procedures are in compliance.

Hire an employment attorney listed on our network to get representation as an employer including expert counsel on all your business needs.

Employer Representation

It can be very difficult for businesses to navigate the complexities of state and federal employment law. Complying with labor regulations is critical for companies, small and large, to avoid criminal consequences and liability.

Employment attorneys available on our platform offer legal guidance in the form of education, employer counseling and other preventative measures.

As skilled trial attorneys they will defend you against individual lawsuits or class actions. They are adept at mediation, negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution — which can save you time and money — but also prepared to fight for you in court if necessary.

Employee Handbook Management

Keeping your employee handbook updated is crucial for successfully managing productivity and positive morale within your workforce. If you do not have an employee handbook, now is the time to create one! A properly constructed handbook will put your employees on notice of the laws by which the company abides and the rules which the company expects to be followed. This will eliminate ambiguity if it comes time to discipline or terminate an employee. It will also protect employers from various forms of litigation that arise from inadequate policies.

An employee handbook serves multiple purposes for an employer. It is a communication tool that provides the employees with a clear and concise understanding of company policies, rules, and expectations. A handbook can lessen exposure to legal claims and can help to save time and costs by serving as a reference guide for issues that arise in the workplace.

At BestLegalChoice we provide attorneys who specialize in crafting handbooks for diverse types of employers. Each employer may have unique concerns and requests specific to their business. They begin with a strong framework and then can tailor your handbook to fit your needs.

Employment and Labor Compliance

Part of being an employer requires extensive adherence to all state and federal labor laws. BestLegalChoice offers attorneys who specialize in helping employers to understand and position their businesses to remain compliant with regulations such as:

  • Family and medical leave compliance
  • Employment poster compliance
  • Wage and hour compliance
  • OSHA and safety compliance
  • Wage deductions
  • Worker categorization compliance

If you get audited and have failed to comply with one or more of these laws, it could cost you severe fines, stopped operations, or even dissolution of your business.

Get yourself covered as an employer by connecting with an employment attorney on our platform.

Hiring/Firing Protocol

There are various applications and forms that any employer should, and oftentimes must, provide to a potential hiree. Failure to have the right forms and procedures in place can lead to problems down the road and potentially legal liability.

Additionally, when interviewing and hiring an employee, there are certain areas of inquiry that an employer must be aware are not permissible to ask about. Questioning an employee about his/her age, citizenship, national origin, sexual orientation, arrest records, or even various organizations can lead to legal liability.

Get advice on standard procedures concerning hiring and firing staff by posting a job.

Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Contracts

Non-Compete covenants are generally used to protect certain employer interests such as trade secrets, specific matters in stock options plans, and in dissolution of partnerships. There are serious penalties for employers who violate these agreements, including injunctions, restitutions, and employee costs. Including clauses regarding these issues must be addressed with the help of an experienced attorney. In most states non-compete and non-solicitation agreements are enforceable. Some states they are not, such as California.

If you are considering putting a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement in place with an employee, shareholder, or partner, post a job to consult with one of our listed attorneys to make sure that you do not expose yourself to legal liability.

Employee Discrimination

Employment related discrimination is still a recurring problem in many different workplaces. When minority workers get overlooked for promotions and other employee benefits or age seems to be overemphasized in obvious ways through a company’s hiring process, both are forms of employment discrimination as well as many other examples.

If you think discrimination might be the reason you were refused a job, fired or treated poorly at work, contact an employment discrimination attorney by posting a job.

Employee Representation

As an employee, you spend more time at work than anywhere else. Fair treatment in the workplace is essential to maintaining productivity and a motivated workforce. Whether dealing with hostility, discrimination, overtime violations, sexual harassment or other work related disputes where human resources or management could not resolve, counsel from an employment attorney can be helpful.

Most employment issues can be resolved without litigation. However, sometimes hiring an attorney to fight for your employee rights may be your best course of action.

BestLegalChoice’s platform provides attorneys who are passionate about protecting the rights of employees and maintain the attitude of only being satisfied when things are made right for you in your workplace.

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